Are you alone this Christmas? then the Bahamas is the place for you! Spend Christmas in the comfort of the heat.No snow around here!





A ten hour flight from the UK and you can be in the Bahamas off the tip of Florida. There are 700 islands making up the Bahamas and you can stay on most of them – take your pick! You could do a tour of all the islands!

Activity’s you can do:
Swim with pigs, dolphins and fish
Go on a fancy boat ride with your friends or family
Do Fantastic fun Water sports like Wind surfing jet skiing and other amazing things 
Lie on the beach and feel your body sink in to the smooth sand.

Swim with pigs

Stay at out wonderful new resort on the island, which is paradise on earth, with its swaying palm trees by the outside swimming pool. The rooms are all very stylish with a Jacuzzi bath and a romantic balcony. This resort has a wonderful games room with Table tennis, Table Football and other arcade machines. At the bottom of the resort there is a pub bar to order drinks from and get free WiFi. Our resort offers daily cleaners and maids to keep your room safe and hygienic. IF you’re here on Christmas day you will get a free Christmas present for your stay up to value of £200. The Christmas feast served on the 25th is amazing. The meal will include:

Bahamian Meal

Roast turkey, Potatoes, Carrots, Gravy, Peas, Yorkshire puddings, Pigs in blankets and a cracker!

Or you could go for our other option as a traditional Bahamas meal! Including:-
Lobster, Prawns, Crab, Rice, Pineapple
Mango, Melon, Coconut milk and Dates


Sunset on the Bahamas

Stay up late and watch the beautiful sunset wash into the sea. The orange glow of the descending sun will stay in your mind forever. On Boxing Day the famous yacht “Baleine” travels across the sea to the Neighboring Island and then on the journey back you get the perfect view of the sunset while dolphins jump in front of the sun.

The Bahamas has a culture which has developed over years from African, British and American influences, which developed into a colorful style of Bahamian expression. Bahamians are best described as funny and friendly.In the Bahamas they love Caribbean calypso music which they love to dance to you will see happy smiling faces as they dance in the streets on festival days.

The wildlife is amazing in the Bahamas there are flamingos, turtles, feral pigs, dolphins ,iguanas, sharks, stingrays, coral reefs, jelly fish and parrots!